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By wonsong82
I came up with an idea of a small portable hanger for my client who works at the security boost. This hanger, about the size of 5.5 cm, can be carried easily in a pocket of your jacket. You can take out the hanger and mount it on any type of the surface, e.g. wall, ceiling, table, rough surface, flat surface.

I am struggling a bit on the mechanism to make it stick on any type of wall. My current idea is a suction cup with a thin layer of jelly on the edge of the suction cup, so that the jelly will cover up the irregular surface of the wall, preventing the air of coming thru the gap.

Any criticism or new idea will be appriciated. I am unsure if there is a jelly like that - changing its form according to the surface and not going back to its original shape by itself unless forced. I am still researching the technologies of other types of bonding methods but was unsuccessful finding it. It might be cool if there is a strong glue that sticks when hit and the stickiness disappears when it gets cold. So with a little battery, I can let this happen. But i couldn't find anything like that online.

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