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By amy lawrence
EMINEM is a very cool person to me and my parents. i have no idea why parents dislike EMINEM. i know he curses and all ,but he's a really cool guy for me. I just don't understand......
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By Steve
Honestly, Amy, would you still think Eminem was cool if he was your parents' favourite white American?! ;-7
By Lone
Eminem is just saing wat he needs to say, and who the hell cares wat the lyrics say? if they sound good and ryme isnt that enogh? i could say *beep*, *beep* and so many bad words and try to make it into a song, no one will listen, but eminem just makes it sound good. and he has some mad lyrics and a bomb voice. i think most Eminem haters are just jealous. *beep* and *beep* are just jealous they dont have a rap song supporting them, and all the parents are just to over protective. and to all haters, i say, grow the *beep* up!!!!
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By Steve
Agreed. Eminem is the Dr. Suess of rap. :-)
By Mandy
wut da hell y do people think em is a 'bad influence' if kids dont hear this *beep* when adults r aroung 2 explain it to them they r just gonna do it b hind ur back! u have to understand ur kids arnt perfect cuz u think they dont listen to eminem. i absolutly luv him, my mom straight out hates him she thinks i do to, hahaha yeah right, i swear wen im mad, she duznt no that, peeple hit me, i fight back, i defend myself and im *beep* pround i cand stand up 4 myself. my mom nos nuthin bout me cuz she neva explained 2 me i could tell her stuff or epress myself in anyway, she duznt understand im not the perfect lil girl she wants me 2 be. Not only is em a great rapper he a great father, my parents never put me b4 anything, hes a dad b4 anything he worked 60 hour weeks at 5.50 an hour 4 hailie shes his lil homie, i wish my parents were like that!! to everyone that hates him cuz hes a 'bad influence' *beep* U!!!
By cute cheerleader
parents hate eminem because he curses and is a bad role model i am not saying that i HET him he iz da best....and also parents have a right to hate him they dont want thier kids growing up curseing all the time...they want them to be well educated..eminem is wel educated or he wouldnt be a parents should hate him!!!!
(kinda) :-) [/b]
By nikki
I think Eminem is cool, but my dad hates him. which i think is really stupid cos he loves alice cooper who is just as bad as Eminem (or at least was in his day). my dad says all eminem is doing is talking, which is stupid cos he isnt. when i tried to explain he wasnt talking, he was rapping, and i asked dad if he could do all em did, i am pleased to say he said no!!
By shadyschick224
;-D i may not be an expert on this kind of stuff but i know a ordinary person when i see one just like any human, eminem is just trying to make his cash, and no offense to any of u people who hate him cus i do show love that u have the balls to come foword and say that *beep* cus there is alot of peeps i know that if u said that u hate eminem to them theyd kill u or even if you said all the *beep* you said bout him. If you think about it eminem is just trying to make his money, hes a stable guy who one day just lost it and pulled a gun on the woman who slit her wriste in front of his baby, the woman who cheated on him 5 years in a row, the woman who treated him with apsolutly no respect wut so ever that is why he lost it when he saw that woman who treated him bad and he loved kissing another man. All he does is rap about his past and stuff like that, and some woman may say he refers to them as hoes, *beep*, *beep*... wut rapper doesnt????? its a way to make money! and hey if its working for him then why dont you leave him alone, i know why its because eminem is white and you are all used to the black rapers now how does that make you look now.. by the way im 12 years old and i wrote all that stuff and im right huh? B-)
By slim_lady_2001
Eminem is a great person, he should't be treated the way he is by the press and all that stuff. Some people think that he has that bad attitude he has in his songs all the time, that hes cursing and calling girls *beep* and *beep* and being pissed the whole time...thats not true!! He is very nice to his fans and to his friends and stuff!! I personally like him a lot because he has a right to express his feelings the way he does? I mean,you dont expect him to be nice in his songs after all those bad experiences he's being through his life!! Its not his fault anyways, his mother was an alcoholic and his wife cheated on him. Hes just letting out what he really feels deep inside. Hes my favorite artist and I love his rhymes! ;-D
My dad HATES Eminem because he thinks hes a bad influence on me, but my mom likes him, we even listen to my Eminem Cd's together, but like I said, hes just letting out his feelings and letting everybody else know. His Lyrics shouldn't offend anyone because hes not talking crap about everybody, and if he talks mess about Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears or any of them....he has his reasons. I dunno why some people are so weird these days..

;-) --SlimLady-- ;-)
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By Responsible Dad
Here's how much we've "evolved" in this country over the past 40 years. In 1962, a young truck driver named Elvis Presley had become a rock superstar singing about hound dogs, tender love and his mama, whom he apparently loved.

In 2002, Marshall Mathers II, aka Eminem, has become the country's hottest recording star rapping about rape, drugs and his mother, whom he apparently hates. She has sued him for $10 million. He called her a "*beep*" in one of his songs.

In both cases, polite society cringed. The Mississippi-born Elvis was blatantly sexy and a danger to so-called "nice girls." The Michigan-born Eminem's lyrics are so corrosive and coarse that many stores refuse to sell his CDs to minors. Yet, it is young Americans who flock to Eminem, 70 percent of those who paid to see his new movie are under the age of 25.

Elvis, of course, had a profound effect on young Americans. Millions of young boys slicked back their hair and adopted some Elvis moves on the dance floor…I was one of those boys!
Eminem has left his calling card as well. Two New York City grammar school teachers told me that it is not uncommon for 10-year-old boys to call the little girls in their classes "*beep*" and "ho's" (whores). Movie theatre chains report that tens of thousands of teens and preteens have been turned away from Eminem's R-rated flick.

The Vivendi Corporation of France is the force behind Mr. Mathers, gleefully counting the money as their boy rolls out songs about sexually transmitted diseases and beating up women and homosexuals. The mouthpieces for Vivendi and its American subsidiary, Universal, say that their "artist" is either producing satire or "giving voice to the disenfranchised," whichever rationalization pops into their minds first.

Elvis was controlled by a fat Dutchman by the name of Colonel Tom Parker. He stole Elvis blind by taking half of his income and selling him out to a cynical Hollywood for cinema classics like "Clambake." Presley allowed it all to happen but was really only guilty of being incredibly dumb. Eminem has a lot more to answer for.
Any way you slice it, Marshall Mathers sells degenerate behavior to kids. The entertainment industry, long devoid of any social conscience whatsoever, provides Mathers with cover and calls him a creative genius and a sensitive soul. Students of history will remember they called Caligula that once as well.
The problem is that the regular folks, people with kids, have not risen up and scorned Eminem and his enablers. I mean, Ed Sullivan almost broke a blood vessel when Elvis swiveled his hips on Sullivan's Sunday night TV program. Now, Marshall Mathers can threaten to kill his mother and we Americans just shrug. What has happened to us?

The answer is that we have become shell-shocked. We have seen too much over the past 40 years, and we have run out of outrage. The baby boom generation embraced Elvis but then went progressively off the deep end. Drugs became chic, rebellion against authority a fad, greed became good and self-indulgence ruled. And now we're surprised our lax social attitudes have produced an army of degenerates like Eminem?

This is evolution, my brothers. This is what happens when all standards die and money rules. Why are we surprised when 10-year-old Timmy calls his baby sister Sally a *beep*? Timmy hears that word and worse all the time . He sees his idol Eminem being praised by adults on TV. Timmy knows what the f-word is, he knows what pot is, and he knows that he can say anything he wants if it rhymes. Heck, he might get paid for threatening to beat a pregnant woman like Marshall Mathers does in his music.

If you think this Eminem person is harmless, you are astonishingly wrong. (Just take a look at his lyrics if you’re not familiar with him - ). Like Elvis, he will leave his mark on America. But unlike Elvis, the legacy Mathers will leave is one that will injure many children, especially those without much parental guidance.
By CoolBoozehound
Well Eminem is offensive, crude, misogynistic, explicit and graphic in his rhymes. Mostly his first two albums which showed more perversity and violence than his last one, which was more mature. If parents complain about how Eminem is teaching or setting a "bad example" to little kids on how to say "*beep*" or "hoe" to women or curse out homosexuals well they can choke on a *beep* purple pill...Because they think its rap like this that makes kids curse and kill...Anyways i feel that children everywhere will all learn profanity and some will face harsh realities. And they don't even have to know a rap artist named Eminem exists. People complain oh the little boy will call his female classmates or sisters "*beep*". Come on! Where the hell is the parent? Or for that reason is everyone so stupid. This is life and people curse, offend, act out violent behavior and they don't need to learn it from some rap artist. All Eminem does is see a problem in his past, current life, looks at pop culture or politics and then he jazzes the material up with profanity, rhymes and obscene remarks. Doesn't make any difference than any other black rapper or any R-rated movie filled with lots of bad language. Kids can learn *beep* cursing ANYWHERE! Eminem is not to be constantly blamed. Sure i understand why parents don't like him. Just parents should know if their kid is mature enough or knows that Eminem is just being satirical, then they won't feel worried their teen hearing his music, no hassel.
If you take Eminem away tomorrow then the little white boy Timmy still gonna call his little sister a "*beep*" when he hears that word from his little *beep* friends.
So if anyone tries to hate on Eminem so bad, well either he or me still just don't give a *beep*!
By harleybabe_68
eminems not a bad guy. he loves his daugter and he didnt beat his chaeted on him.he has changed alot since his first sigle just listin to them in order. 8-o
By Eminem kid
Anonymous wrote:eminems not a bad guy. he loves his daugter and he didnt beat his chaeted on him.he has changed alot since his first sigle just listin to them in order. 8-o

Well that's true, he has changed since his first two albums...the first two were more brutal but the third one "Eminem SHow" he shows that he's matured.
By Harleybabe_68
Eminem is not a bad guy. and just like i said yesterday he loves his kid. he was so abused as a child and most parents dont know that. :-# . they dont like him because he cussis in his music,he just expressis his feelings in his songs :-/ :-# O:-) :-X
By hey!
i like eminem 2 and my mum does and i havent asked my dad but he does say sum pretty bad dam words! ne ways hes a funny guy and i like his music :-D

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