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By ShadyBoozehound420
Yeah that's true, he's a really good father and he was abused as a child and he does "express" his feelings through his raps. Sometimes the *beep* he says is extreme or obscene to parents but like Eminem himself said "I was made to *beep* the world off!" And he sure did, pissed off "responsible" parents, GLAAD, etc... ;-)
By mtbelanger
Eminem is a good rapper, but I think its stupid that only african americans listen to rap/hip-hop/r n before eminem comes around and then white people listen to it because he is white.
By SexyCailSurferChicka
I don't understand our parents' mind either, who rele does? I have heard that he is a "women hater"...? My mom calls him this, of corse she has never heard 1 of his songs! Doesn't that sound *beep*? I tell her that his wife Kim probably married him for the money, his mom was a druggie, but he loves his daugher dearly. I personally don't blame him for hateing his mom, if my mom abused me and that crap I'd be just as mad! :-[
I think that parents should listen to some of his songs before saying "no" after reading some f'ed up review that some old fogie wrote in the newspaper or magazine etc. they should underrstand that he has had a bad childhood, does this mean he is bad? Nooo it doesn't! Us kids/teenagers must join together and try to tell our parents Eminem's side of the story! :-D
Go Eminem!
By who
Be white in a black world & be amicable....
...that's cool...
...say "HELLOOO" 2 your parents.....
By me
I have noticed a lot of the replies to this topic are from Americans so I thought I would give a different view. I have not seen any kind of effect whatsoever to young people in Britain (except people having a little less money) Most people I know are not generally affected by the lyrics of songs, they tend to be influenced more by each other than by music and media.
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By Lil'Rhymeo
My dad says the rap is NASTY.. so does my mom...

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