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By seanc
A small camera fitted into a dog collar that is activated by a loud noise, such as the dog's bark, and transmits the image via wifi.

It's too much effort to always find out what a dog is barking at as there are too many false alarms. If a camera were to transmit when a dog barked, it could be possible to pick up that signal and find out what the dog was barking at.

Reward: A dog collar cam.
By sammeli
Site suggests how to build a dogcam...

To make a DogCam collar is simple, easy and quick. You'll need a Wireless camera and a spare collar that fits your pooch.

It doesn't have bark activation but the camera in below link can be linked to computer so you could write software
to detect bark and then let the computer notify you in anyway you want...
By rub97
I've seem this dog collar cameras before, very interesting.
I do not have chance to use it but I do have a similar one for my car:
Dash cams are definitely a must in the LA area or even SoCal. my buddy got hit on the 110 freeway and from the impact his car ran into the car in front of him. the owner that hit him tried to claim he was at fault and that he hit the car in front of him first and she hit him as a result. dash cam footage proved otherwise, he was found innocent, his car was fixed by her insurance and she was responsible for his and the car in front of his.

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