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When you travel you have little space for your health and beauty aids. With Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, and compressed ingredients for any type of shaving cream, combined, then added to a cup of water, the small disk (No larger than an alka-seltzer tablet) turns to a full cup of shaving cream to fully shave your face or body parts (Men or Women). The water expands the ingredients like baking soda and vinagar.

Reward: A packet of "Brut" shaving cream, please!
By C-Chamberlain
Facinating idea. I would use another form of foaming agent though. Sodium Bicarbonate reacts with acids. To get a good foam, one must have a strong reaction = strong acid. Acid and shaving may not mix (ouch). There must be other items that foam when combined (inert items). Add a dash of soap powder to make the foam more ridgid and bam, you have a winning product. If I had the funding, I would certainly explore this item.
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By AaronBurns
Yes, soap powder would work and the powder could also include the scent and a moisturizer or other qualities that need not be be too hard too add without ten tons of compression.
The idea would be to add qualities equal or even greater than your average shaving cream for the ultimate Patent and for marketability. Maybe simply more for your buck or scents that mimic the most expensive colognes.
Good luck too you and let me know if you do pursue this. ;-D
By C-Chamberlain
I think the market catch would be the uniqueness of the item. How does the gel shaving cream work? Does it foam when it reacts with air or when it's depressurized? Possibly this item could work along these lines... Oh well.

Again, great idea.
I remember as a very young child in the early 1970's watching my Great, Great Uncle William 'Bill' David use tablets that foamed in a shaving mug when hot water was added and lathered by a Badger Hair Brush, I can still recall the smell which was clean ant intoxicating as he shaved in front of a circular mirror at the parlour table in front of the black Iron coal fuelled range cooker/heater/dryer in South Wales. If I could get hold of those tablets I'd use them to shave with today and every day. Someone must know what they were called & who made them.

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