This is the place for all kinds of brainstorming. Anything goes. From time to time, the Sea of Chaos might also give birth to new forum categories.
By C-Chamberlain
My idea was inspired by Aaron Burns in the lower postings (hunt for whatever you can of his for he is quite creative). My idea is to have an electronic sink, yes, I said electronic. As with the current models which you wave your hands around in a mass frenzy to get the water flowing, it will come on for a certain time but will siphen out liquid soap so you will be gettin soapy water for the first five seconds, then the next five seconds would have just clean, warm water to rince. Like a mini carwash for your hands. The existing faucets work off of microcontrollers and solenoids, this would be just adding another solenoid and timing sequence for the soap.
Incorporating a hand dryer would be nice too but causes too many design issues. I'd like to start small.
Also, Google faucet LEDs. Very cool invention.
This could, as most of my inventions, already exist...
By C-Chamberlain
It should also be noted that this sink should not be used for brushing one's teeth...

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