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I was thinking, what if bi and *beep* people are simply straight people who are worn down from constant changes in life and just need the world to slow down for them to catch up. I mean, can you imagine turning from straight to bi-sexual to *beep*, just because the rest of the world won't slow down to think and enjoy the world around them, just because of the pressure to keep talking in conversation and not show that you're depressed or too full of emotion?...and then enduring the uphill struggle to return to being straight again?...All because, for example, you moved country and couldn't get used to all the changes, (e.g. in high school)...I'm straight by the way.

Or you decide to write a diary to preserve your memories and remember hor you were at the time, only to look back and think, hmm, do I really want people to see what I was like at the time, if it is at all embarrassing? Then you start to worry, but can't bring yourself to get rid of such old, childhood/teenager memories. You can't throw it away, yet you're worried about keeping it. You can't get it out of your head. You've preserved your old personality/self in it, and since writing it, you've studied lots of other things you wouldn't normally study if you hadn't preserved yourself in the diary. You start to think you can do anything, you start to worry less about making mistakes that you're used to making, then they become the mistakes you USED to make.

Soon, before you know it, all fear is gone from anything, even by looking something scary in the face. You no longer have the same reactions from things that you used to have. You start to see the basic ideas of good and evil very differently, and, without knowing it, without controlling it, you accidentally may switch to being a quite nasty person, UNLESS you can control yourself, OR get rid of the diary itself, OR whatever is bothering you.

And remember, SOME fear can be important in keeping priorities in a friendly or close relationship. This can also be an excuse for why some people go, as it is called, 'mad' or 'psychotic' so I wouldn't advise it. It's not nice...not in any way. It is pure depression, and pure obsession.

Yet, people have to eliminate some of their fears, you can't be afraid of everything all your life. So, this is why people do things like diaries to eliminate some fears and study things, like many adults in any profession. It allows us as people to observe and analyse things which we wouldn't normally focus on or consider to notice. The thing is, this can take us off the subject of trying to attract the opposite sex. Of course you can study other things and interests AND stay straight, but, just remember, you have to get that balance between love and general interests that's right for you.

Any comments on this subject/subjects?...

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