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By 'The One'
I have never taken illegal drugs before, (only the ones your doctor occasionally prescribes you, which are LEGAL), but I was wondering, if emos took drugs do you reckon they'd see things differently? In other words, people are told they see things which are made up in their brains when they take drugs, but what if the answer to this is that when you take certain drugs, you can see some of what is known as 'DARK MATTER', that secret stuff that people talk about.

Surely to see dark matter, you only need to look through lenses which reverse every colour to its opposite (i.e. to show the negative colour/in the dark OR the light)...or maybe you have to be 'photosensitive'...

Also, I reckon that certain types of people with different metabolic rates would be able to concentrate and see dark matter in certain conditions, for example, when taking certain types of drug...For example, maybe it would work for the new stereotypes, 'emos'.
:-? 8-o B-) }:-)
By ekcol
dark matter doesn't have anything to do with being "dark" at all. Really color isn't anything related to it at's just called that because it is supposedly the stuff that makes up the space in space, which we see as dark, as light doesn't reflect off it. It's not really an informative name.
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By swimmer
dark matter is still kind of a theory . we dont know exactly what it is .
in theory it has a very low density , and very low preceentage in volume in the air . so u cant see it as u cant see co2 .

and if u one day see elvis while ur high !!! tell him i say hello .
By 'The One'
Lol, yeah I'll let you know if I see him one day (even though I don't take drugs, heh) ;-D ;-)
By 'The One'
Maybe one day some people might even have different coloured eyes and be able to see Dark Matter itself (once we know more about it), like they might have silver, purple, golden yellow, pure black, or pure white eyes!...or even multi-coloured eyes, whether you can see the pupil or not! That would be cool to see in real life...probably quite shocking too! It would also be cool and shocking if our eyes changed shape!...Lol :-? :o :D
By 'The One'
Our eyes were probably able to do other things in the past too, or even now. Who knows? It's not too hard to just change their focus and change back. Eyes can change colour over time as we already know, and you can make your eyes' pupils small or large. :-? :>

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