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By Catherine
A refrigerator for an office or business break room that is segregated into multiple drawers. This would have to occur in an upright commercial unit and could comprise of one stand alone with multiple drawers. Larger offices might have multiple units. Having had the blessing of working in various office environments it is remarkable how filthy such refrigerators become when mould, spills, and unspeakable growths occur. It seems that an assigned cubical within a refrigerator would serve three purposes:

1. The community would have easy identification of the culprit whose lunch from 2006 is creating the stench that is contaminating all other lunches enclosed within.
2. People are reliable to police their own environments. There are few among us who would gladly engage in a negative activity that is such dissatisfying to all others within a community.
3. Such a unit would dissuade office partners from overstocking the refrigerator thus diminishing the overcrowding that limits others from access.

It is my belief that office managers would eagerly purchase such an item. It is the perfect solution to the few people who are left to clean the accumulated growth and contamination that occurs when items are left to decompose without consideration.

Reward: I would be ecstatic to receive such a locker system for the cost of shipping alone.

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