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By Firefighter911
I think, everyone could agree that our police force could be focusing on a few more important things than speeding, right? Well, what if we could eliminate speeding all together. Now I understand that a lot of people are going to be against this idea, but in the long run this idea would be beneficial to everyone.

We need to have “scanners” in the road and on the bottom of our vehicles, the scanner in the road will be flush with the ground and will have a pre-set speed (such as 25mph) and will send this pre-set speed into the scanner on the bottom of your car as you pass it. Now the scanner on the bottom of your car will be attached to your governor setting your maximum speed at 25mph. This idea will completely eliminate speeding.

Example: say you’re driving on a road that has a speed limit of 45 mph and you are going to merge onto the interstate. Right as you begin to merge onto the ramp there will be a “scanner” in the road. As you pass over it, it will allow your governor to accelerate to 75mph. As you’re driving on the interstate you can have your pedal pushed to the ground and you’re only going to accelerate to 75 mph. This idea obviously would NOT apply to emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, cops, etc. In doing this, our police force will be able to focus on more “serious” crimes than speeding.
By Stephan Lutter
A problem that I see with that is a case of emergency - what if you have to get out of a dangerous situation as quickly as possible, but your car doesn't allow you to go faster than say 45mph?
By robking007
Why should it NOT apply to emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, cops, etc???
Are they above the law ??

And where would the towns, cities, and states, get the money that they normally collect though speeding tickets? They would have to spend alot more time giving out parking tickets to make up for it. But then again, maybe we could make sensors that prevent a car from turning off if it's in a no parking area?

And how about cars that come in from Canada and Mexico, will they be able to drive faster then me?

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