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By 'The One'
Memories ARE the most important thing in the brain because without memories of anything, there is simply nothing for your brain to think about, whether short term OR long term. So, don't go through life ignoring important memories, you'll only end up in the wrong situation and in places you don't want to be in at all, which just don't feel right in your life... B-)
By 'The One'
I went for so long with the same way of thinking, yet with so many changes occurring. Most people do both at the same time, but I did each part separately. Through teenage life, I studied life and everything in general, AND played the 'game'. I was only meant to do one of the two, as I've found out, but it was all so much like a movie, and I'm not sure that that many people saw it just the way I did, although of course, people will tell me I'm wrong...

I must have 'overworked my batteries'. Now, I'm the one who gets called wierd alot of the time, even though I see them as the wierd ones having not studied the world as much as I have already.

I have found that you gain total fulfilment out of life by experiencing amazing events, whether real or in your imagination then by analysing the event(s), but not in too much detail, or by not analysing them at all, because then you can retain the powerful positive (or negative) memories and then use them as 'superpowered energy' combined with your willpower. Memories are probably the most important aspect of the human brain. I believe they are part of the secret to having 'superhuman powers'.

:-) B-) :-?
By 'The One'
Keep your eyes open, one side has open eyes, one side has beady eyes inside almost closed eyelids.

One has pride and is more determined than the other.

One side is more naturral than the other.

Both sides have been mixed together so no-one knows who is who...

(I can't remember where I've heard this stuff from by the way...)

:-? :-? :-?
By 'The One'
I don't know which side would be better though...The side with closed eyelids to protect their eyes from damage...or the side with eyelids more open, to see more of the beauty of the world...


:-? :-? :-?
By 'The One'
...and then there are the two sides, one with inward, V-Shaped eyebrows (like those of cartoon bad guys, but this doesn't mean that if you have these eyebrows that you are bad, because that's silly), and the ones which are an outward, upside down U-shape...Hang on, what am I talking about... :-[ ;-7 :-/ I guess I, er, have read too much into something...I'm now talking rubbish so I'm going to stop... :*)
By 'The One'
Also, as far as I know, you can lose your memories but that doesn't mean you can't get them back. Whatever happens, it's all in your head somewhere, even if you've forgotten. I don't know about amnesia though.
By 'The One'
Yeah, I'm sure it should still be possible to remember your memories even like this but I don't know that for a fact, that's all.

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