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How ironic is it that to study people will say "are you motivated to study?", when to do this you have to demotivate yourself physically, and when you motivate yourself physically, your mentality has to become simpler if you want to be better physically. This cycle keeps us going round in circles.

Basically, whenever I look at a screen and try to concentrate, a part of my mind will be lost somewhere else, and I may even forget what I am about to type, plus, my imagination won't work properly if I'm trying to remember the look of something or if I'm trying to remember exact details of something important that I need to type.

It's like a conspiracy, that every time I think of something important that I feel I need to tell the world, I'll want to put it on these forums, but then when I go to look at the screen I'll forget the blumin' thing! (Lol)

My brother thinks I might be 'flicker-sensitive', but I don't think I'm the only one who has this problem, and I think that many people who aren't flicker-sensitive have this problem too...It's like a kind of glare...It may be different for each gender because one, male, tends to use our eyes more than women as it is known, although I believe this is not entirely true.

What do you think? Is there anything you know about this?... :-? 8-o :-? Is it just a mild case of glare perhaps?...

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