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Every time you want to hear a certain amount of songs, all on fifty different CD's, you must change CD's or have a CD carousel, or the radio programs are at the wrong times or on different stations, or playing at the same time. If we had several computer chips that record the radio shows and the one song from each of the fifty CD's then you have a custom pleasurable experience while you listen. You could organize a sequence of songs or shows for day listening or to put you to sleep. Like TeVo for a clock Radio/CD player. The hard part would be to create multiple DVD's on a chip, but the future is still open!
I think adding all your Ipod favourites to the stereo of choice would be that extra plus making it a worth while investment.

Reward: A clock radio that tells me the genre of the station and a verbal list of what songs or shows are coming up at a push of a button.

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