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The ring would be a little speaker (or be designed to send vibrations to the ear via the finger) as well as being able to vibrate as an alert. The watch would be the microphone and rest of the phone - showing the caller ID and allowing you to choose or type in numbers to call. Thanks to the wonders of modern science, it would also show the time.

Some googling has told me that at least one watch-phone has just been released [search for "M500 watch"] and that ring-phones have also been envisioned [search "yubi-wa phone" for a realized one]. I guess the novelty in my idea is now to combine the two to have a simple, convenient, super-mobile phone.

Imagine it: the ring on your finger starts vibrating, you look at your watch to see who is ringing you and then you [perhaps] double-tap the ring with another finger to answer. You then put your hand to your ear in the normal way.

Reward: One of those newfangled portable telephones would be quite nice [especially an iPhone].

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