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I don't mean to give the wrong impression in the next few statements but is it just me or is everyone I see getting more and more depressed wherever I go, whether it's people I know, people on television, etc.
Also, I don't mean to sound sexist but is it just me or do most females seem really happy these days, and most males seem really depressed...There is a major problem with 'the balance' as we know it, at the moment, and we need to restore it to being equal between the sexes.

It's to do with all these 'rules' that we make ourselves during the days...
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Sorry, I take some of that back, because women and men have about the equal amount of problems in the day, and they each try as hard as each other to remain as happy as possible, even through having their problems, and even when having to appear a certain way with a particular attitude when talking to people, etc...

Although, I still feel it is important that the 'balance' is restored by making both men AND women live happier lives, because it is very important. :>

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