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By coqui

-I have many ebooks and other electronic stuff i want to read on the way.
-I want to spend as little time as possible reading.

-but this can get bulky
-it isn't very environmentally friendly
-i would need to be able to speedread in order to spend as little time as possible reading.

-using an ebook reader:
-the only readers that are worthy are the ones with eink (paper like) display and this are very expensive (around US$400) for what they do.

-load the text into the ipod and read it in very small letters with a glaring tiny screen

I recently found an excelent software tool that helps me read texts on the computer a lot faster, about twice as fast as i would on paper.

There is no download needed, it is web based. It works by pasting in it text or a url direction from where it extracts the text. When it gets the text and you hit play, the text goes flashing on the screen. you can select how fast words flash and how many words flash at a time.)
You can find this software at

It would great if i could do the same or something similar in my video ipod. This is not the same as the conventional text display in the ipod. I talking about flashing the text in bigger, white characters over a black background. This would be easy to read.

I can think of 2 ways of doing it and all other possible combinations in between:

-best option:
a program that works in the ipod that opens the regular text files you load into the ipod. the program allows changing the number of words that appear on screen, the rate at which they appear, and allows scanning through text using the ipod wheel.

-last option: a program that works in your computer which you use to convert a text file into a video file with a predefinded rate of word flashing and quantity of words converted(.mp4 prefered for inmediate use in ipod)

Reward: letting me know and having it free of charge if it isn't freeware. recognition if this turns out to be popular.

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