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By 'The One'
Love and lust seem to get mixed up by alot of people. Also, if love is the way, we are not supposed to open ourselves up in places we'd rather not, because that is what messes up the brain. You should not stay open ALL THE TIME. You must hide your love, in today's society anyway, maybe it's okay and is the norm where hate is not present, otherwise you can become a 'zombie' to others and can not only change your dreams but lose them altogether. I'm not a person who won't sacrifice for others, I believe that if you go about things mindlessly, then your obviously doing things without a purpose, in depression, and in negativity, and I think that alot of people still have things the wrong way around, or is it just me...?

It seems to me that people get love and hate mixed up, or that some prefer not to have much memory of things whereas others PREFER to have memories. It is because those with bad memories, obviously, would prefer not to think about them, but instead of forgetting things, aren't memories supposed to be THE MOST IMPORTANT thing?!? Many people probably don't know, but I think everyone should know, that it's possible to forget most bad memories, automatically in fact, and it's possible to use EVERYTHING you know (i.e. EVERYTHING you can REMEMBER) to your advantage. Don't let things bog you down, let as much as you have be your ammunition for performing the best, looking the best, and allow it all to give you an 'aura' of your personality. Don't get careless and lazy. Discipline to yourself and GOOD memories are the most important, not discipline in the stereotypical, academic sense, but in the sense of respect to yourself and respect to others.

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