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By 'The One'
Why do people always tell you to keep your back up straight when it's about keeping your head forward?...For males anyway, as far as I've learned, you keep your back up straight over time if you keep trying to keep your head up while doing things. Presumably, it is different for females since males' brains are different from females' brains. (Note, I didn't say opposite, I said different).

Also, depending on whether you have to keep trying to keep your head up, is also about whether you have what I call 'active eyes', or whether you have 'still, fixed eyes'. This can mean that depending on which of the two you have chosen (or not chosen), it will affect whether you prefer your head to feel 'open' or 'closed', to use your brains as muscle, making your head itself like a hard helmet, or to relax your brains making them more flexible and not so stiff. Of course, sometimes it may be the other way around, like having your head feel 'open' could tense it up, and for some having it closed feels better, but it depends on the person. (It's also about whether the person has filled their brain up with fuel, or whether they've allowed it to become lazy, etc.

So, it's all about whether you can keep the balance of your body and brain in conjunction, but in this world, I've found that you can't always be in the balance, and it's not always possible to stay in the balance. At times it feels better to be out of the balance. This is also what changes our beliefs - because different things happen to people, when their in the balance, and when they're out of it. This where the idea of 'sides' among people comes from too, and which is essentially among all most cultures. (and can be why civil wars can happen.)

Feel free to leave comments...
By 'The One'
In fact, one person may have an idea of the 'balance' itself which can be different from another person's idea of it. In fact, is it even right to keep to it when there are so many different people who have different ways, and since so many different things happen in the world which make it difficult to stick to it? I say we should try, but I mean, SHOULD we be able to stick to it? Or vice versa, (is it ever a good idea to stray from the balance?).

My answer to both of those questions is, only if you find it necessary or the best to do so. :-? :>

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