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By 'The One'
What do you think? Is it best we all see how we act all the time? Many people see life like a movie, and many other people don't. Which do you believe is right, taking into account how people have evolved through the years watching movies throughout their lives, and also considering the fact that people would have lived differently before movies...

If you've grown up living life like a movie (or near enough like one) because of watching so many, then it is not very wise to mix this with a new lifestyle which does not run like a 'plot'/'storyline' because it doesn't FEEL right, but if you've got used to life not being entirely like a movie, I believe that you notice more things which ensure that you have more knowledge and initiative for survival, but that depends on your environment, living conditions, culture, etc...

What do you think?...Or am I just talking gibberish? :S :-? :]

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