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By bogar
Every average(economically) human being has to surrender to Career to live. I am not sure career is a fate by God or human created illusion. There are some people who born with a boon to live as they like. Rest are born with a curse to work and do many things which they do not have interest. Many will accept we all are working(career) for something which we do not have interest. We do because we are forced to do or we do not know how to escape.

This is a excerpt from a article at
"Our life style has two boundaries. Before starting a career and after starting a career.

Before starting a career we are free birds. Read the books we like, roamed anywhere at anytime. Chatting, laughing with our friends. Day or night has no restriction for our enjoyment. We have lot of games. We play many indoor and outdoor games. No hesitation, no fear. Mind is not obsessed with anything. No need to think about what is next. See all the movies. Watch or enjoy the beauties of girls in our sphere. Lots of bear parties. Those who are interested in particular game or activity, dedicate their whole time for it.

It is a state of consciousness, where your mind is free from time restriction, no fear about failure. Mind is highly energetic. No tension. It is a life with out commitment. You can move, turn, and change any way you like. You have full freedom and power in driving your life.

When the evil hands of career trapped you, first thing you lost is your freedom. You are forced to read book related to improve your career. Second thing you loose your friends. Career throws the friends to different corner of the world. I remember my father searched and meet his village, school, college friends after his retirement. Once you are caught by career you will loose your contacts with your friends slowly.

Then you loose your ownership to your time. Something or somebody will be the owner of your time. Whatever may be your pay cheque, what level of (high profile or low profile) designation you have, the core activity of your career is selling the time. Without selling your time you can not enroll into a career...."


Is there any way can we change the meaning of Career? Or is there any idea to completely 'remove' the concept of Career from human life. Man lived with peace of mind when he eat what is available on his way(stone age period / before civilization designed). No schools, No job, No Salary, No hike, No office, No deadlines, No interview, No stress, No pressure from superior and etc. Today's career is full of stress and pressure than pleasure.

Is there any way we can change our career into pleasure from pressure?
I feel we have to completely remove the concept 'working'.
Please do not suggest MLM marketing, which is more stressful than 'job' which I realise. My expectation is a life without expecting what is next to meet our bread and butter.

This thought and solution is not yet matured or precisely expressed. But it will improve, which I hope.

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