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By wataki2
Since this time is that of shatter and disconnect I think that it does much harm to the kid's education than is focused on. And I'm meaning divorce in particular. So I have a neat idea that could kill two birds with one stone,in addressing education and the home stability (or lack there of)by having schools adopt a class family plan. Where the class your child enters their scholastic careers with is the same group of kids they graduate with. That will not only teach them stabiliy but a constant support system, because year after year the children will have the same core group of peers. They will study only with their constructed classmates eat lunch with and field trip with. From kindergarten through 12th grade graduation, the same 25-30 or so kids. Ideally the class will be hand picked for diversity, compatibility,and learning cohesiveness. As they grow up into their teens they'll lean on one another by default because they'll be all they know. They'll hang out together, talk to each other and have an unshakable bond that would be priceless. The teachers would change from subject to subject of course but unlike in a traditional jr high and high school setting where the STUDENTS swithch classes from period to period with this plan they'll be no class changes.

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