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By JRI923
Do you know how fighting games these days are always exaggerated? No one could really fight like that, could they? Although it is cool to play games like that sometimes, I was thinking of a realistic game where you play as real people.
Gameplay:You choose a character and then enter an area (house, city street, store, ect.) and then randomly attack somebody. Obviously, they won't take that sitting down, will they? No, they'll stand and fight. Using all of the attacks you know (based on who you are playing as) and various objects laying around to beat on each other, you fight until one of you is knocked out or beaten to death. While you are fighting, the cops might show up to break up the fight, and other fights may break out. Your goal is to beat on as many people as possible, and when your health gets low (there is no HUD, but you can tell by wounds and shallow breathing) you want to escape. Based on where you are hit, you might break a bone, or develop a limp. Even so, you can continue fighting with these injuries. The more fights you cause and escape from, the more your fighter rank goes up, which can lead to people training you or other benefits. I also hope for real-life people to be playable, to add some flavor to the game. I haven't worked out a storyline yet, but I would like it made for Xbox 360.

Reward: Credit and a free copy is all I ask for.

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