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By hover6

Generate power with existing vehicle's and in existing rights of way.

Power will be generated by running a magnet over a stationary coil. Electrical power will be induced in the coil and sent to a storage system.

Inducer, the car, will have a coil built into the under carriage. When an power generation area is approaching, the car will be notified via radar signal along the road. The car will respond by vacuum engaging electric motors attached to the axles that will activate the field in the under carriage. The field apparatus may also be lowered for closer clearance to the ground conductor.

Inductor, the coil built into the road will be of sufficient windings to generate a sizable pulse when the magnet or inducing field passes over. Lead wires will lead off the coil and feed into the general power grid.

The coils will be placed on the down slope of hills such that no fuel power will be required to energize the field generators in the axles of the vehicle's. Field generation will be by the potential energy of gravity acting on the system. Consequently , the larger and more weight the vehicle has, the more powerful inducing field can be generated and the larger a spike of power can be produced. Loaded trucks will generate the most power and will also have a velocity damping effect on the truck, ie:braking.

A system design built into an existing freeway in an identified slope zone might generate considerable kilowatts per day by utilizing the entropic energy of the interstate trucking industry alone. As the use of field generating motors will act as weak breaks to the transport, a monitoring system and economic incentive can be distributed to the transports that incorporate the system. By this method the power generation system will be self supporting and supported by the generating vehicle's.

Reward: Be part of the engineering team and the prototype development

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