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By sashyam
I am thinking of a greeting card that when open will deliver the message of the sender in his/her own voice. This could potentially be an online business where people can select the card, record the message and place the order. The company that receives the order, prepare the card and deliver by post. The person who receives the card will not only read the message but also can hear the voice of the sender delivering the message.
By sammeli
How about this?? ... cards.html

Original Design Features:

* Recordable messages up to 10 seconds. Yes you can re-record your message as often as you desire.
* Photo Insert on cover.
* Easy to use record device with instructions included.
* Instructions: Simply press button and record message into speaker.
* Talking card automatically plays message each time it is opened.
* Features 5” x 7” size card.
* White envelope included. Gold envelope with bubble wrap is optional which is designed to protect the recordable sound chip if mailing using the U.S. Postal Service.
* Handy Packaging made to hang from rods on end caps at checkout.

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