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By Lisa R. Kopp
I think having instant replay in Major League Baseball is important because games can be won or lost depending on the call of an umpire. To have a way of being sure the call is correct would greatly help.

I have thought of how that could happen.

Each major league manager would have a red flag to throw and up to two challenges per game, a third if both previous challenges were not lost (this part is similar to that of the NFL). A manager could not challenger ball/strike calls. But can challenge whether a ball is fair or fowl and whether or not a player is safe or out.

The play could then be reviewed by video of different angles, again similar to the NFL. It could either be reviewed by the home plate umpire or by the crew chief (if my idea were to be used, which umpire would be determined by MLB). The manager making the challenge would throw the flag out onto the field. If the challenge was won by that manager, no action would be taken. If the challenge was lost, his team would lose an out in their next turn at bat.

It really would not add much more time to the baseball game. But what little time it would add would be worth it to make sure the umpire's call is correct.

Thank you for your time.

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