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By NumboJumbo
This is an idea for possibly raising money at fetes etc. It's called 'Spend-A-Penny'. Basically it revolves around people chucking a penny and hopefully more into a wc. In return for spending a penny, they would hear a rude noise of someone flatulating or just some noises that sound funny. It's not the most sensitive of ideas for fetes and fairs but it certainly would turn people's heads around. If you get people in the right mood, it might be a money spinner. Gosh, people pay money to see those living statues move on the high street, why not pay to hear a few noises that might make you smile or giggle!

Now for the details. The wc would obviously have to be clean and more than likely just the bottom bit without the cistern. You could approach a local seller of such equipment and ask him/her if they are willing to donate a wc for a day – maybe s/he has a wc gathering dust in a corner somewhere. In return, their firm's name would be prominently displayed around the stall – free advertising is always a good 'hook' when asking for a donation.

Rude noises can easily be obtained from the net these days and belted out over a speaker – you'd have to get an electonics whizz to help you out with that one. Or you could get several people, one with a whoopee cushion, one with a balloon that once blown up and the air released can make quite a gratifying sound and one with a fart machine or something of that ilk, anything really that makes funny noises. When the money is thrown into the 'pot', one of these 3 people would use their equipment accordingly. Rude noises always seem to make people smile or laugh – well worth spending a penny for! Of course the noise shouldn't be too loud, you don't want to be too insensitive with this idea.

Like I said, it's not exactly a bog standard (sorry couldn't resist that one) fundraising idea, but hey it's a novel one. I say novel, because I haven't seen it being done at fetes or fairs.

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