This is the place for all kinds of brainstorming. Anything goes. From time to time, the Sea of Chaos might also give birth to new forum categories.
In one step, many consumers place money is a middle place, then in the second step that money goes to the producer, in exchange for the publicity of the product. (The encoded product may have been downloadable before. Only a decoder key is necessary for the publication.)

The producer gives a price(time) function: in what (future) time for what price he will do (will happen automatically, on behalf of he) the publication. (This curve perhaps does not need to be totally uncheangeable: later some slight changes would be allowed (by the producer).)
E.g. "I allow the publication if I get:
$1000 now [-here gives an absolute date-], or
$1300 in 6 months, or
$1000 in a year, or
$500 in 2 years, or
$0 in infinity
(Let's spline-interpolate the interior values.)"

The consumers may not only increase but decrease their offering (the sum sent to the middle place). (For example when they realize that thousands of consumers have joined, offering some money.)

On behalf of the consumers or the producer, software bots may do the purchase work automatically. (Increase when, decrease when, how much (initial) offering to give for what (new) products.)

Consumer groups may evolve. (Whose members prefer similar products.)

Trusted evaluators may appear, who get the full product before publication. (They are of course not allowed to send the product further. If they do - then they will lose the evaluator role.)

Please: do not be greedy. The middle-place service should be (almost) fee-free.

Reward: Mention my name. (Komka Peter)

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