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After I Die I would like for my biography to be taken and given to my closest friends and thier heirs that they may, attempt to conceive a boy who would be the next physical image of the idea that is myself along with another book for after I smoke pot in my next physical form . Conceive a child with me in mind. Let me keep my name the same. As you find out it's a boy, let my new mother read my biography, while listening to my favorite music, as much as she can enjoy. Use my biography as a teaching tool for written and verbal language, a bed time tale, and a toy for enjoyment. Also, engrain my favorite music into a toy that I may hit a button and hear it at my own new accord. If I have no friends willing to help me understand I have fully conquered my physical form and I am truely alive in ideas, perhaps then the idea of my will die as well. The First and Last Sentence of my Biography is I understand I am not He, But This is truely me, in a former life, We will never be exactly the same again.

I invite anyone to participate in Life Aether, who has friends but caution!

I would not ressurect any idea of a person into a new physical form that you did not have permission to. MY Book Jest Blaze is the Permission to bring me back as a human male. Its accounts my first time smoking pot. I understand that in my view I will wait, not in purgatory, but in life after, as an individual male plant of marijuana, after all my friends pass as well. I accept my fate.

Remember, whether or not we choose, we always imprint who we are on our children to some point. Children always have the final say as what they believe is right or wrong.
It's ultimately always our childrens descision on what they choose to believe about the views we impress on them. They can always change their mind through their entire existance about anything they believe to be true, and they still live in the same universe we live in. I feel the worst psychological terror for them would to be coping with multiple copies of past lives in existance. Please remember you can always say, I want to come back as my a cat named, then when the cat dies out, come back as a person again. I'm sure you as you won't remember your past lives from 1st person, would require a book for what the cat did, or something like that. Enjoy my attitude to life ever after. I know someone came up with this idea before, maybe Buddha or someone, I just made a few final adjustments and I STRESS do not raise me on high for this. Seriously, did you read all the other *beep* i did? I just came up with this to cope with my fear of death.

cheange my name next time to Jest Blaze Evans.
never include my means of death, or my worst memories, inform myself i must never believe anyone who tells me of my own death as rememberance itself is flawed and you can never be of perfect perception to see it and alive to see it as well. evidence can be falsified.
for anyone else, plus me
god - reliquish after first life
man - sexuality is a duty or an honor your choice
evil - will always find repentence or be monitored
Good Triumphed
You can combine souls and come back as one being, probably not a person,
You can split yourself, but it probably wouldn't work
You can guide yourself to come as a dog, mark that and then a person who doesn't remember either to learn of their dog life too, if they accept the past life they have.
I will only come back as one human, male, form as I am now, per life. All other frauds are that. Key word AGAPE
Also , how to raise a clone.

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