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SPAM Acronym

PostPosted:Mon Jan 06, 2003 6:02 pm
by Aladdin
Asinine is a word I use to define - activities that don't make no sense - like Spam - ya'll know the Monty python explanation, but I know that really it's an acronym. Spew a Plethora of Asinine Messages - as in vomit a commit of crap to clog up the workings of a civilized society.

The A could stand for Aggravating, but don't you think my first choice is better? And better yet it should be spelled with a double S, but that may exceed what some may Appreciate. Appreciated is certainly NOT a good choice?

Then again A could stand for any Adjective, that way what you have been thinking would fit. I tried Spewing a Plethora of Aggravating Messages once and my spell checker didn't like it. I don't have that spell checker anymore, perhaps you would like to run it by your spell checker to see what it thinks. M could be for Mail vs Messages what's the difference?

Reward: Put a plug in the spammers so they'll explode.