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By Ronh20
The chemistry of life, What is the essence of life. It is a chemical compound starting with carbon, but what kind of carbon, this explains the hypothesis

By ronh20
The Chemistry of Life
Category: Life

There certain naturally occurring chemicals in the earth. One of them is Sodium, Hydrogen carbonate. When combined with Iron it makes Phenol, C6H50H. When burned you get the blue flame of Diatomic Carbon, Carbon Dioxide and water. Phenol contains one of the basic chemicals of life, Tyrosine.

Life is produced by the combination of Carbon Dioxide and the light of Diatomic Carbon like photosynthesis. The source maybe lighting giving off Carbon Dioxide broken down into carbon and oxygen and further combined atoms of carbon becoming diatomic carbon, C2.

What does this mean today: The Atomic DNA & RNA super coils contain Carbon. When the male and female DNA & RNA at atomic level combine they are first of all become the element diatomic carbon. two atoms of carbon joined together then they split with two sets of chromosomes per each molecule.

How do you prove this hypothesis? Take DNA & RNA containing diatomic Carbon and look at it in a electron microscope reverse mask it, and you get a bunch of chemicals devoid of life.

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