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Dishwasher names designed for men

PostPosted:Thu Mar 13, 2003 6:04 pm
by Stig Bakke's brother Stig
So Stig and I were eating fischstäbchen again one day, when I asked him, "Stig, why is it that we always eat fischstäbchen?"

"So we don't have to wash so many dishes," Stig answered without hesitating. "You can eat fischstäbchen with your hands. Besides, we also eat fleischstäbchen."

"True, but why don't we just buy a dishwasher?"

"Yeah, right. Have you ever tried buying a dishwasher?" I had to admit I hadn't. "All dishwashers have names that sound like lady shavers. I just can't bring myself to buy one; it's like you won't order a girl drink, even if you know it tastes good. Besides, I'd be afraid the dishwasher would try to take my leg hair off."

Now, Stig doesn't have all that much leg hair, but he has a point. Why don't companies market dishwashers aimed at male buyers? Something the 'Dirtkiller,' 'Semi-Automatic Grease Eliminator' or 'Thor,' maybe...

I'm sure all you bright creativitypool people can come up with even better names.

Reward: A dishwasher for Stig, obviously.