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By Kev
I've always been frustrated by traffic lights that hold up traffic unnecessarily. My idea is to have computer controlled sets of traffic lights with sensors detecting on coming traffic from all junctions or crossroads. This way when there is no oncoming traffic, a reasonable distance away from the traffic lights and the sensors are detecting that the other roads in the juntion have a fair amount of traffic accumulating the lights will change to give way to the busier roads. This is a more effective way to manage traffic than the present preset time systems we have today.
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By Steve
As far as I know, most countries slow down traffic on purpose. At least where I live, the authorities claim that they could speed up traffic if they wanted to, but that it's part of some strange governmental plan for a purpose only known by the government itself. ;-7
By mtd28student
At the traffic lights in new zealand there are pressure sensors. If there are no cars waiting, then main road is continually on green.

This can be quite annoying when your on a bike becasue the lights will stay red intil a car comes and activates the sensor. (mountain bikes are too light)

The system seems to work well, especailly at night, the traffic is only held up when a cars are waiting.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I've noticed that the computer timed traffic lights require you to do about 8 mph over the speed limit to make it though all the stop lights without stopping. I've also noticed that these routes have all the speed traps. Gee, I wonder why they do that.
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By Steve
Some time ago I heard an interview with a traffic "expert" and he said they do it because the cars that come in from the side roads are then standing in front of the red light and they need time to get away before the big traffic wave comes from behind. 8-o Personally I think that doesn't make sense at all for a number of reasons, but anyway that seems to be the official explanation...

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