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A Second Chance : The Solution

PostPosted:Tue Apr 29, 2003 1:25 pm
by -----J-----
Your professional knowledge is what I lack to make this project a reality,
but hopefully you will understand why it is so important for me to offer you
this chance to effectively start the ball rolling.
This is not the first and only way I have tried to implement this project,
but as you will appreciate, the current world situation makes my project the
most wanted project in the world, but irony depicts that the voice of
peaceful solutions to global problems is never heard above the voice of

I understand fully any text based upon peace and co-operation is deemed by
many as boring and futile, and why should the world listen to a single
person who through no fault of his own has come to a conclusion based upon
25 years of very demanding research.

The general feeling of the worlds populous is that their own leaders and
people who for some reason have automatically received respect within their
specific fields, will come with the solutions they need to survive. I
however need to impress upon you that I in no way what whatsoever think that
I am different from you.
I am definitely not the type of person you would expect me to be. In
general, anyone who claims to be able to deliver what my project promises,
would deem themselves better and more intelligent than anyone else as my
project is unique in its delivery method. Nothing could be further from the
truth. I am a normal human being with a limited intelligence, its just that
I do not do things in a normal manner. I test my environmental options to
the limit in everyway, but not in a manner that cannot be accepted by my
peers. This is why I can safely say, I am just as good as anyone else, but
also as fallible as them too.

To prove my point about not thinking I am special and better in any way, is
the fact this text message exists.I would not have to depend upon you and people like
you in this world to help me. Without your help I will have to try to find
another avenue, so how can I think that I am better than you?

Here's the sales pitch for my project;

Please understand that nothing from the following list can be achieved if
this project is not able to be judged by the worlds population. I will
appeal to you personally, and because I have a working knowledge of
marketing and business relationships around the globe I will appeal to the
human trait of greed through profit. I believe this project, will make a
financial profit that will not only secure myself and my family for very
many generations, but also the publishers who dare take on this project.
Make no mistake I do not believe that I am holier than thou, I want not only to
deliver what the project promises, but I am doing it for the great personal
financial gain it will give me, and everyone else involved in its release.

What the project can deliver :-

100 % guaranteed sexual equality on a global scale, for the first time the
world will have to accept women as equals in every manner shape or form.
It is the only theory that proves how to achieve global peace WITH weapons,
but removes the very reason for armed conflict. ( Even though it sounds very
contradictory, this theory CAN prove it to be a true statement).
Cessation of all religious based conflicts.
Global acceptance of homosexuality as a natural progression of human
It removes the need for the existence of political asylum, thus removing the
existence of refugees.
It gives every racist exactly what they want, and because of this it will
show them the folly of their ways.
It will give every "terrorist" exactly what they want, and because of this
it will show them the stupidity of their ways.
It will give every nation around the globe the chance to prove themselves
without the need for armed conflict.
It will give every single national leader the opportunity for the first time
to actually do their job. By this I mean the domestic issues of a nation
will always take priority over international issues.
It gives the world a chance for global co-operation without the need for a
singular global faith or political belief.
It shows the folly of all religious and politically based beliefs, and
proves that until now, everyone has been doing it wrongly, but gives them an
excuse for it. By dismissing every belief as being wrong and not saying that
one specific belief is correct, it should have the desired affect of
insulting every single person who has ever had the privilege of education,
but get away with it.
It gives every religious and political belief a second chance at proving
that their own convictions and morals to be correct, by actually giving them
the chance to live out what they believe without the prejudice of others.
It gives every nation in the world a second chance, by letting them start
over at the stage they have reached, politically and technologically without
It excuses every nation for every single mistake they have ever made in
their history, giving them for the first time a chance to turn over a new
leaf, ( if they feel it necessary ) without having to bow their heads in
shame for previous humanitarian atrocities.
It gives all religions a second chance at survival, even though it condemns
them all, it shows the necessity for the continuation of them. It also
excuses every atrocity performed in the name of a deity or belief.
It will stop all negative ( by negative I mean, labour forced upon minors )
child labour on a global scale
It will stop every form of paedophilia on a global scale.
It puts paedophiles and the purveyors of paedophilic literature on the same
level as murderers, thus giving them no where to hide, as no nation would be
able to excuse their existence.
It secures every child born after the release and acceptance of the theory,
a safe and better childhood than they possibly can achieve today.
It is a guaranteed global best seller as it appeals to every social bracket.
It explains the need for ALL layers of social status, the need for rich
people, the need for the working class and the need for poor people, for our
world to exist.
It means that even after the release and acceptance of the theory, all the
bodies of power that are currently in place, will remain in power if the
population of the nations actually wish it to remain.
It excuses the "Divine right" of all Royal families around the world and
gives a reason for the continuation of their existence.
The simplicity of it can be understood by the general public and not just
the educated few.
It gives rise to continual research giving answers to the questions religious
beliefs cannot.
The fact it dismisses everything, anyone until now has believed, and proves
itself in every way imaginable, it will be the most hated piece of
literature ever written. That alone will sell millions of copies. It makes
Rushdie's Satanic Verse(s) look like a Reader's
It shows the need for the continuation of weapons development as this is the
first theory that embraces the need for weapons.
It gives every displaced refugee the chance for re-patriation without fear
of condemnation.

The list goes on and on, but this is just the tip of the ice-berg.

It is only a BRIEF introduction to the theory.
Please allow me to point out that if the points described in
points 1 through 45 are not accepted then all the following points become
invalid. This is just a guide. One thing that I would like to stress is, I
do not believe that everything I have written is to be taken as ( to coin a
phrase ) the Gospel truth. It is a SOLUTION to the present global situation
and not a new religion. It solves a hell of a lot of global problems in one
go and nothing else.

I am fully aware of the dangers involved in this project, but I truly
believe that the gains the world can derive from it, far outweigh the losses
caused by its release.

If your reply is positive then I would like to be able to ask you the
following question :-

What do you suggest my next step should be?

It is imperative for you to tell me this, as the theory becomes negated if
you do not answer in the manner you specifically wish to, without prejudice.
This is your chance to either make or break your involvement with the
release of it.

This is where your knowledge takes over from my limited knowledge about the
publishing business, and as I hopefully have made painfully clear, you can
see that with my limitations, I definitely need help in making this project
into a written text. I am fully aware of my very limited writing skills.

Thank you very much for allowing me this chance, and I apologise profusely
if I have put you in a difficult situation by doing this without your prior
express permission.

Yours faithfully


( there is a very specific and logical reason for this signature, which can
be explained in full, and is the name I wish to attach to the theory )