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By cynavera
I was at a baseball game a couple of weeks ago with my little boy and could not get a breath of air in the heat. I saw many people there with the large golf umbrellas, many of which were the double layered umbrellas that allowed venting. What if someone could put some sort of fan in the top of the umbrella to create a little breeze. I don't know how to go about it, but would love to buy one for next season's games.[color=blue][/color]
By cynavera
:-? [color=blue][/color]Michael,
I went to The Sharper Image and searched around to try to find the umbrella with a fan inside, but I had no luck. Can you give me any pointers on how to search it out? Thanks for your help!! Cyndi
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By Michael D. Grissom
Sorry about the misunderstanding Cyndi -- my fault. I never saw an umbrella with a fan at sharper image. What I did see are hats with fans and evaporative chillers/coolers that attach to the head or neck.

I did a 1 hour search of the internet and could find no hand-held umbrellas with a fan. I did find double vested (vented) umbrellas that would be ideal for adding a fan. You may be on to something really cool! ;)

How 'bout this for a prototype? I found the picture during my search and added three clear plastic computer muffin fans. :-B

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