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Why National Economies Can't Work

PostPosted:Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:16 am
by SJFals
Based on the later work of Jane Jacobs, the link below connects to a multimedia essay (text, narration, animation, and music) explaining why stable economic recovery can’t happen using our current system.

Jane Jacobs, in Cities and the Wealth of Nations (1984), solidly challenged the central assumption of national economics: that national economic controls can and will work to direct a national economy successfully. Her theory flatly says this, over time, is not the case.

This challenge is supported by Ennebuchs at .

I agree with Ennebuchs: we are making a serious mistake in our approach to economic recovery and health.

The arguments made by Jacobs and supported by Ennebuchs call our most basic, strategic economic assumption into serious question. These arguments soundly conclude that a truly stable, national economy can only be had by providing autonomous economic controls to city-regions.

Some national economies may look stable at the moment, but they are still on life support. We just pulled well over a trillion dollars out of thin air world wide. Nobody knows what will happen when the inflationary backwash from that hits. The response of our leaders has been to do more of the same thing that got us here, but to do it with much greater frenzy and on a scale which no one imagined fifty years ago. I think it’s prudent at this time that we, as members of local economies, consider safe ways of taking back legal control of our own economic destinies so we may forge more stable, networked national economies.