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By cynet
It would be nice if in the profile list you can add your
Address and tickmark there, and link that to the submit your idea area. I noticed you do that with the memberlist name.
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By Steve
First of all, sorry for the late reply. As a matter of fact, I wanted to add that address field you mentioned (and also a country field), but somehow I never got to it. To be very honest, it probably won't happen in the near future either, partly due to time constraints, and partly because I don't consider it really important. It's an optional field anyway and you don't have to enter your address every time, if you have entered your address once I can always look it up in the database should I ever need to contact you that way. Having said that it's still on my list of things to do, just not high priority - hope you understand.

As for the check box, I would really have people check the box for every idea they submit, it's just that this legal stuff is too important to be omitted. I believe that's not only for my own protection, but also in the interest of anyone who submits an idea. :-?
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By Steve
Done - when you submit a new idea, you will now see your address currently on file, and your country will be preselected.
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By cynet
Cool! Keep up the good work.
Actualy that is probably my only idea that will ever come to pass.
Unless someone actually makes my 3D-Flat Screen.
That would have been great for Spy Kids 3D!
Now I have to invent a camera that will record from all diferent angles in order to make use of the screen. It would have to be like the camera set up on the Matrix only video and be able to move about a scene. Or make a animated move with multiple cameras. That would be easier; and just paint the faces of movies starts on the heads of animated stick figures.

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