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By zyx Rationalist
whenever we click on "HOT idea!" link to vote for it, u should not refresh the entier page. what u can do is have a hidden frame which would submit our vote or u can try some kinda remote procedure call ?
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By Steve
Why make a simple process more complicated? 8-o
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By cynet
How about voting (or a general poll) on things that should be eliminated in "The Docks" area of Creativity Pool.
Like "Creations".
Reward - Save face and space on steves computer, or server.
Steve couls decide on a percentage and whether or not it is a ligit idea or just someone who has no clue what kind of website they have entered.
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By Steve
Well, as you probably know, "The Docks" were called "Waste Reservoir" just a couple of weeks ago. I renamed them to "The Docks" because I figured that it maybe hurt or offended some people to find their precious ideas in the "Waste" - so I went for "The Docks" to suggest that it is also a repair station for slightly imperfect submissions.

Maybe renaming it wasn't so good, though, because it's still a "Waste Reservoir" - since I see it as a "reservoir", I'm a little reluctant to eliminate anything from there at all because you never know what might be useful to others, but since it's "waste" it might not be worth the time to poke around in there too long (if we're not looking for something particular), let alone spend much time on cleaning efforts.

I also have this spleen that people should not be able to say "no" to an idea - the genius of an idea may only be visible to a few, so the majority should not be able to decide about the fate of an idea that they actually fail to understand. You might have noticed that I came up with a "HOT" ideas voting system for the front page where you can only vote for an idea but not against it? Same principle!

Last but not least The Docks are also a control facility for me - people can see what kind of submissions don't make it to the pool, and if they think I'm overly critical I'll have room to improve.

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