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By CodeThumper
Create a website where consumers like you and me could post advertising ideas. Charge a subscription rate for advertising agencies or make it commission based. If you idea gets picked up you and the maintainer of the website get a small commission.

Reward: I would like to help code this project, or an honorary title I could add to my resume (nothing required).
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By Steve
Wasn't sure where to put this, so I moved it in here...

Actually I believe this already exists, it's something that can be done on this site. If there were more advertising ideas, I'd even create a category of its own, but currently it doesn't seem to be necessary. :-?
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By CodeThumper
Well Steve, I'm still in the shallow end of the pool but I'll get there! ;-7 Thanks for the great job you do with this site.
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By Steve
Thanks for the kudos! ;-D

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