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By Boraxus
Have a forum/section that peopel can post everyday problems that they cannot see a solution, and see what inventions people post to resolve their issue.

I.E. : At my appartment, people keep etching/writing on the inside of the elevator door. I am just a renter, but it really annoys me and makes the building look more "wlefare" than it is. I thought of maybe making a mural on the door that people would be more conscious of wrecking, with a lot of diferent colours that took into consideration the elderly in the building (nothing too high tech). The multi colours would making discerning etchings or writing difficult and take away the extremety of the writing on the plain white painted door.

What are some more solutions (low cost, easy to maintain)?

Then have members post their suggestions for a new creativity pool thread.
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By AaronBurns
I once saw a wall made out of material and writing utensils to use to write on them that was eraseable. like dry ink black boards.
So, what you do is make all the walls eraseable but, writable and attach a box of different colored erasable pens then, make a sign that says "Please write anything you want but, write with these pens. Please"
Then erase it every 24 hours or what ever time period you decide.

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