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By cynet
I am sure everyone enjoys certain (ranks) within the community.
And a lot of us deserve it. People who post and keep up with the forums need a little support. But Some of us (me) who rank almost within the top ten fill a little left out.

I still can't tell at what points you become a:
dog paddler:
bather: (I am stuck in the bath tub)

My suggestion is to add one more rank, and keep the rankings within (pool) ideas. I googled "Pool Terms" and came up with some new (Terms) for rankings.

Treading Water

This way [everyone] is in the pool. No one is left out on (Dry Land).

Back in the day I was a lifeguard, and now that I take a very serious look at your logo, everyone should get out of the POOL because it is RAINING. Very soon someone is going to get stuck by lighting and DIE! :~(

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