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By AaronBurns
I would like to say that if we watch movies at a constant pace and take notes on the unusual or inventive elements within the scenes it would be a great resource for revamping adjusting and changing what you see in the movies into a workable product as I have seen some of our members come up with slightly different and very clever versions of the things I personally notice in the movies.
I watch alot of movies and some of the futuristic or contemporary ideas here are original but have been seen in lesser known movies that were not box office hits so just make a list of all the titles which have visionary qualities and alter what you see in them.
I myself do not do this but it is a great resource we could all easily tap into especially with the online movie rental sites where you browse by any criteria you specify from lists that gradually reduce to the topics you want to cover.
I have to say that even what we think is new (Like my foot mop idea) could have been adapted from Pippie Longstockings the movie.
So we can all still get credit for cheating if we give the idea a spin and a new angle.
I think we are coming close to the end of products and this site will become completely philosophical and political over how to solve intellectual problems so no matter what we still have a direction to go long into the future. ;-D
P.S. - We make fantasy a reality!

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