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Artificial Magnetic Monopole

PostPosted:Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:43 pm
by Serenity495
I was thinking about how all the magnets we know of are dipoles (they have a North and a South pole), and about the theory of monopoles. I don't know how to find a true monopole, but I think I've found the potential for an artificial one. I was thinking of a hollow sphere, with one of the poles being on the inside of the sphere, and the other pole being on the outside. I know that the inward-facing poles would end up repelling each other, but if there was a way to overcome the electromagnetic force, we'd have a perfectly viable monopole, since the pole would be facing outward. So my only challenge is to overcome the electromagnetic force while still keeping it uniform and solid. No clue how to do that, so it's sent over here.

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