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SAVE $$$ on elec use - easy for everyone

PostPosted:Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:55 am
by spurtee
Since the refrigerator and freezer are insulated they have the ability to stay cold for a fairly long period without electricity. We often loose electrical power at our home and it is surprising how long the fridge stays cold if you don't open it.

SO - why keep it powered all night while you sleep.

IDEA: Add a simple "Heavy Duty" 24hour timer to the refrigerator or other heavy appliances. Set the timer so it doesn't run from 12am-6am will reduce electrical consumption by 25%.

Depending on the age of the equipment you could likely leave the unit off for eight hours or more. Hard to know without testing ability to maintain temperatures (would be good to have a window to check a thermometer to keep from having to open the doors).

Reward: just credit for sharing another easy easy idea to help all of us.