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By fang-fercie
I have been studying goshts for many years, and I think I may have created the greatest technology in ghst hunting history! :D The power of meditation! Your probably thinking I'm crazy, but listen any way. In many circumstances people have reported sighting of ghosts, demons, and such, prior to a dream. Nightmares are occasionaly true, but what if visions could be sighted before an event happening or even glimpses of another world seceretly touching to ours. Mostly people usually thuink dreams are a figment of our imagionation, or a vision ourmind has made up randomly, but I belive we have dreams for a reason and sightings of ghosts aren't bad or scary, i think they are ethier tring to tell us something or lead us to another world.
Interacting with ghosts has always been my thing....and in my interactions i have learned a few things:
Anyone can see or interact with ghosts or spirits if they try
spirit boards do work
animals can also interact with ghosts
and most ghosts show up in photos for a reason

If you sit down on the floor and close your eyes usually you can see a ghost or spirit tring to communacate with you. Doing this you can maybye convince this spirit or ghost to leave or you can live in peace with them.
By aiko73
you sound like a desperate ghost hunter enthusiast to me..why don't you try the better technology we have eh? like the oija board, andother stuff? i just don't like your idea.. :,-( :-B :~(
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By Izzy A
U sound so desperate seems u will try anything so :
1) Opening the 3rd eye will help u.
2) Rituals and summoning ghost.

The 2nd one is bad because u will go to hell
the 1st one is bad because u will see things u have never see before and other creatures (such as ghosts) can take form of scary things thus, scare u to death, so if u have ur 3rd eye opened and can see them. Maybe u will regret it, because there is much more than just ghosts out there.
Also some other stuff, blah, blah, blah, Plus u will see much more color than the normal human beings see.
The actual 3rd eye is located in the centre of the brain ( pls don't try to find out by experimenting on someone of something )
Any ways good luck

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