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By svijaysagar
The idea is born out of a desire to know, let us say, if Gandhi were alive today how would he have reacted to a given political situation. Unfortunately this can only remain a desire today.

A system could be designed to simulate an individual's mind. The system will take in all input from an individual by taking his responses to different sets of situations. The set of training situations should be so vast that system should be in a position to simulate the individual's decision making process for any arbitrary situation.

The core challenge of this idea lies in designing the set of all encompassing 'training situation set'.

if successful the system could live the individuals mind beyond his life. This would be a great tool to immortalize our leaders and understand them.

Reward: no money fees or pecentages
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By Izzy A
There are ways to extend life:
1) Running can increase ur life by 10 years
2) Adding some things to the DNA can extend the life by 10 year
3) Eating certain foods and herbs can extend the human life around 50 years
Try all these things and u might end up adding 50-80 years to ur life.
Including the fact that:
1) You have good/perfect health
2) Are happy and not stressed (Good mental health)
3) Don't die in a crash, fight, war etc
4) The world/ universe doesn't end in that time

Then by 50-80 years CRISPR might bcome enough to help people live long.
I am no scientist and am only 15 so I can't tell u much but if u are determined u might be able to live longer.
Now there are some few certain people who have lived till 300 years (are dead now, were from China). Now if you work hard u might achieve a longer and youthful life.

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