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PostPosted:Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:01 pm
by bubbler
Imagine buying a state of the art fridge with a touchscreen and voice command for just under $2, much will that fancy addition cost you to power every year? On average, for the life of the appliance you will spend more on the energy consumed than what you paid for it!

now imagine if that same fridge was $2,500 but came with a solar panel kit and battery back-up built in. eliminate lost food from power outage, and nearly eliminate your power consumption. With an added upgrade of WiFi communications, your smartphone/tablet can monitor your new appliance! Get alerts when milk is bad or power is out, watch how many times you open the door each month, keep track of how much free electricity you produced all year, and much more..

would you buy that? A fridge that runs itself could save you more than $120 each year! Plus, the extra energy from the solar panel is fed into your home to offset your household energy consumption. So, add this up and this simple investment could save you more than $7,500 for the life of the fridge, and that's if utilities don't go up!

same concept for any appliance or electronics;

and more...