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By Mukul
There are billions of moving parts on the roads today, these can be tapped to create energy...simplest possible way i can think of is to line our bz roads with material which will convert the energy generated by the movement of traffic into power....similarly footpaths, tredmills, soccer stadiums etc can use the same principle to create power.
By vplza
Is it possible to produce electricity by using permanent magnets with no moving parts?
I believe that is possible. Because AC current produced by moving armature or copper wire or some other metal in magnetic field. Then without moving wire it should produce DC or some kind of electron flow.
Am I missing some thing?

Please note that I do not have good knowledge in Physics or electrical engineering. If my question sounds so stupid or dumb, please excuse me.
I tried to get some answer to my question by searching web and I posted on some other forums. But I did not get satisfactory or justified answers.

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