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By stanyslaw
what if you had a custom body suit super light weight that turns you into a moving speeding force. All you had to do is lay flat on your stomach legs stretch apart with your arms folded on top of the other, it setup in seconds. your body suit has hidden small heavy duty wheels some areas with sprocket and chain connected to a small gas or electric engine within the body suit the wheels are aligned along your body keeping you like 5 -8 inches from the ground and a brace in the neck area to hold your head up while laying flat. the body suit keeps support along from top to bottom. .the beat walker police officer walking up the street and see a mugging take place and he simply get down in that process hit a button and another to go!!! reach speeds 0-40 in seconds he's reaches the guy quickly before they knew what was going on and he slows down special brake system as he stands up hit that button everything disappear within the body suit. and makes the arrest!

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