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Liquid elemental sodium is used in some nuclear plants for heat exchange. The end game is to produce a metal sheet impregnated with solidified element sodium in such a manner that it can later be used to be inserted in a vehicle. This sheet wafer can then be exposed controlled mist of water to produce a controlled release of hydrogen gas to power the vehicle. All steps of the productions of these sheets would be extremely dangerous. The safety precautions if deemed feasible would be extreme. However there are many explosive materials today that if handled properly are relatively safe. The electrolysis of molten NaCl can produce liquid sodium. Much energy is needed to produce elemental sodium. What makes this interesting to me is that it is a way to store energy that can produce hydogen when needed. We all know our sun gives us life as a result of burning hydrogen process. Can we harness a better way to store this power? or use the hydrogen available in a better way? I don't know? Do you?

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