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By yingfeng
Imagine that you have one or even two long robotic arms hanging from the ceiling of your kitchen. There are also cameras on the ceiling or the arms. A person from a remote continent would be able to operate the arms to cook a different meal for you. The scene may seems a bit scary. The robotic arm opens the fridge, picks vegetable and maybe chicken. Then it starts the washing, chopping, turning on the stove and cooking(don't stand too close, so the arm wouldn't confuse you with the ingredients). When all is ready, food are poured into dishes and served to the nearby dinning table that the arm is still able to reach.

This could be one reality before a software with perfect machine vision and artificial intelligence is created. Human are always the most intelligent, advanced machine controller. Combining human intelligence and machine sensors and actuators, many things can be done.

This may mean more than just cooking. You can actually start to hare people from other country to work on your production line. You may have to provide them with a computer and a 3D mouse or even better human-machine interfacing device though. On the other hand, instead of "home office", now you can work in your "home factory".

Reward: Thanks and public recognition.

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